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How we use your donations

"It is good to have something that I need to commit to weekly especially when there might be chaos going on in my life"

Your generous support means that we can reach more young people through our therapeutic services and creative programme.

Here's how we use your donations and contributions.

  • £50 A trip to an art institution, such as HOME Mcr or The Whitworth for our young people to experience local arts events.
  • £50 also means buys a microphone to help a young person continue to attend Q42 group sessions during lockdown.
  • £30 A taxi to ensure a young person is able to attend their sessions.
  • £25 An art box for a young person in lockdown. Journal, postcards, pens, wellbeing booklet, sketchbook.
  • £10 Ten sketch books for young people to use.

Duty Team

Our Duty Team allows us to have a member of the team on call every day that we’re open; they are able to handle complex referrals be on hand for urgent cases.

  • £9,000 will fund the duty team for 1 day for a full year and support over 700 young people and parents/carers. £750 will fund for 1 day a week for a month.
  • £7000 will support the online platform for one year £5000 will support one front line practitioner for 1 day per week for 6 month supporting 10 young people through their therapeutic support.

The Horsfall

The Horsfall offers a unique opportunity for young people who have experienced, or are experiencing problems  with their mental health and wellbeing to work with professional and respected artists to explore their issues, tell their stories, break down stigma and produce remarkable art.

Online Service

Our Online Service has been needed this year more than ever – it’s allowed young people to continue to access groups and support throughout lockdowns and Covid-19 restrictions.

"It is better for me to talk to someone online as I feel I can get what I want to say without hesitation. It just gives me a bit of confidence as if I want to say something that makes me teary or makes me cry, I don't feel so embarrassed as the person can't see my face."

Please donate via our just giving page.


Thank you for your ongoing support!




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