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This group is designed to help young people who have long standing difficulties with their feelings and relationships. It works by using the principles of a democratic therapeutic community. This involves young people taking an active role in the running of the group and learning from each other’s experiences.​

Who can join?

I am: aged 18-24 and I can:

  • Commit for 12 months
  • Come to 42nd Street
  • Attend the group regularly

Is this group for me?

Do you..?

  • Have difficulty making or keeping relationships
  • Use drugs, alcohol or food to cope with, or numb, distressing feelings
  • Often feel empty or disconnected from the world
  • Have difficulties managing distressing or angry feelings
  • Behave impulsively, or lose control of your behaviour
  • Self-harm (this can mean different things to different people)
  • Maybe have had experience of emotional or physical abuse including sexual abuse

This group work approach will:

Give you an opportunity to talk about and share your problems with other people who experience similar feelings
Help you to think about how you and others cope with these feelings and learn new ways to manage them.
Help you to become aware and understand how these feelings and behaviours affect your relationships.
Help you to think about what you might do differently to feel better about yourself.

Allow you to take an active part in your own recovery – this can help you to have more control over your life and feel more confident. Please be aware that you must refer yourself / be referred by a professional, parent or carer to join this group. This is because it is important that group members are involved in welcoming new members and workers can discuss with you the experiences and difficulties you are experiencing before coming along to your first group session.

If you would like to find out more about TC42, please email theteam@42ndstreet.org.uk for more information or call us on 0161 228 7321 and one of the group workers will talk things through with you.

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