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Counselling for Depression (CFD)

Who could this be good for?

Young people who…

  • are aged 18-25
  • are dealing with depression
  • want to understand their feelings more, such as where their emotions come from and how they can deal with them as they arise
  • are looking for regular continued support over several months

What does CFD offer?

Counselling for Depression (CFD) is specifically designed to support young people who are dealing with depression. There is a particular emphasis on exploring emotions. CFD provides a safe, confidential environment for you to:

  • Explore your life as a whole, which may include relationships, things that have happened in your past and things that are going on in your current life
  • Explore your emotions in depth to help you become more self-aware with what you’re feeling in relation to different issues
  • Start to make positive changes in your life for the problems that you’re dealing with

The details

CFD typically comprises 12-20 weekly sessions. However, you and your worker may agree that fewer sessions are needed.

CFD may not be available in all localities.


Sound right for you? You can find out about referring yourself for support here.




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