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Share your opinions about our online service!

The University of Manchester are doing some research on our behalf to evaluate our online service. It's really important to us to hear from young people so we can make our support as valuable as possible.

You'll also get a shopping voucher for your time!

You can take part if you've either...

  • accessed support on our Online Platform (onlinesupport.42ndstreet.org.uk)
  • attended any one to one or group sessions with us over Teams or Zoom
  • signed up for any of the above but chose not to go ahead for any reason

What's involved?

Someone from the university will ask some questions, but you're free (and encouraged!) to chat about the things you want to talk about too.

The interview can be over video, phone or text. Being on camera isn't essential at all. It will probably last between 30mins and 1 hour.

You've also got the option to talk to a peer researcher; a young person with experience of 42nd Street services who's trained up in carrying out research.

What else do I need to know?

Everything is kept confidential. The university won't tell us who said what and all the feedback will be anonymised when they present it to us.

You can change your mind at any time and just opt out of taking part.

Taking part won't impact you being able to access future support from us, nor will changing your mind about being involved.

How do I take part?

All you need to do is drop an e-mail or text to Scott at 07715 655155 or scott.lauchlan-ford@42ndstreet.org.uk

We'll arrange a time to discuss the study and go over the consent form and then someone from University of Manchester will get in touch to have the interview with you.

Read our information sheet and consent form




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