Spring clean your finances in 2023

Recently we partnered with Manchester Credit Union which are a dedicated workplace payroll service, offering employees affordable loans and savings directly from their salary.

Through Manchester Credit Union we can offer the Bee Smart benefits to our employees which promotes financial resilience, and we all know how financial stress has negative impacts on our physical and mental health so as a Mental Health Charity this is very important to us!

Manchester Credit Union have put together a list of resources and tips to support you in managing your money this spring.

Find out more about how they can help here, or keep reading and get spring cleaning…


Use an online budget planner

Get better control and understanding of your household spending with the free online Money Helper budget planner. Before you get started, grab as much information (bank statements and bills) as you can.

This is a good time to have a sort-out too. Piles of paperwork can be overwhelming, so find a system that suits you. Grab some wallets or files and label things so they’re easy to find when you need them next time. You’ll thank yourself later!


Start saving, no matter how small

We understand that it’s difficult to put away money right now but save where you can and begin to implement a good habit. Our payroll service offers employees easy ways to save through their salary, at no extra cost to employers. The service encourages staff loyalty and retention and makes an attractive recruitment benefit.

Are you an employee? Talk to your workplace about implementing the BEESMART service, including access to affordable loans for smarter borrowers.


Deal with debts

Don't sweep it under the carpet. Waiting only makes debt problems worse. The free debt advice service from StepChange could help you with this stress and worry.

It will tell you what to expect and what steps your creditors can take to collect the money. It will provide you with all the information you need to understand what your creditors can do.

Talk to someone you trust about debt. Talking about your debt can be helpful for everyone and make you feel less alone.


Switch suppliers

You may think it’s easier to stay than switch, but you could be saving money every month by switching your phone or energy supplier. Compare deals for utility bills by visiting uswitch or the Martin Lewis Cheap Energy Club.

Racking up phone bills? Compare the latest mobile phone tariffs via MoneySuperMarket.

Sometimes, you may be able to speak directly with your supplier and negotiate a better deal. It’s always worth a try.


Improve your credit

It’s good to be aware of the factors that can negatively impact your credit. Help improve your score by maintaining timely payments on debt and ensuring you’re on the electoral roll. Learn what can help to build your score via Experian.


Look out for everyday savings and help

 Get searching for deals and discounts that will benefit your bank account. 

  • Check which benefits you are entitled to using this easy tool
  • Check if you’re eligible for a discounted broadband tariff (you’re likely to be eligible if you receive a means-tested benefit, such as universal credit or pension credit)
  • Check which supermarket is cheapest every month - in January 2023, Aldi took the crown with an average basket price of £82.03
  • Compare fuel prices before you fill up
  • Don’t automatically renew your insurance policies, shop around or talk to your provider

Find out more about the BEESMART payroll service, backed by Manchester Credit Union, an ethical community-owned bank and talk to the HR department to sign up.




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