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SilverCloud support for parents & carers

Silvercloud is a new online tool that uses CBT techniques to help you understand your thoughts, feelings and actions, providing the tools to manage anxiety, depression and stress as well as modules aimed at supported a child who may be experiencing these things.

Silvercloud offers a range of "self-guided" online modules that you can work through at your own pace.

Each module can take around 10-12 weeks to complete and tend to work best when accessed 3-4 times a week for around 15-20 minutes.

Available modules

Parents and carers are able to access the following self-directed modules:

  • Space for Sleep
  • Space for Resilience
  • Space for Mindfulness
  • Space from stress
  • Supporting an anxious child
  • Supporting an anxious teen

To learn a bit more about what to expect from SilverCloud, take a look at the video below or sign up using the button underneath

Available for young people too

Whilst the modules above are available for anyone over 16 to access, we also offer supported access to Silvercloud modules for young people.

This means that one of our practitioners will offer regular check-ins with young people working through the content, offering guidance and insights where relevant.

To find out what's available for young people, check out the button below