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About making referrals

We accept referrals for all young people aged 13-25 years of age who are registered with a GP in the following areas:

  • Manchester
  • Salford
  • Trafford
  • Tameside & Glossop (13-18 years)

Please complete this referral form.

Before you make a referral please be aware that:

Consent from the young person for whom the referral is being made is a pre-requisite of our service. Please provide as much detail about the needs and experiences of the young person as is possible and ensure you provide GP details and accurate identity and contact information.

At the point of referral, you will need to notify us if the young person needs an interpreter, information in a particular format or there are any adjustments we need to make to enable the young person to access our services.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please get in touch on

What happens next?

​Upon receipt of the referral, 42nd Street will screen for appropriateness. We will then contact the young person to arrange a telephone Service Assessment. This will be approximately 1 hour and will include: 
  • a mental health assessment
  • the use of routine outcomes measures to establish the severity of mental health need
  • an assessment of risk.

We will notify all referrers of the young person’s engagement with our service.

Waiting for support

After the Service Assessment, the young person will be placed onto a waiting list. They can join in most of our creative, group and social work programmes straight away to start with. Where they can meet other young people who may have similar interests and support needs to them. There’s no pressure, but meeting new people and getting involved in a group or project can be really helpful whilst they are waiting for our support to begin.

There’s is more information on our Groups page as well as regular updates on our social media channels.

We also have a list of self-help resources on our Other Resources page here, which may be useful to you. 

You can also find out about our Online Support and make a referral to it here.

If you or the young person is concerned that their mental health has deteriorated or things have changed, please get in touch through

Schools and Colleges

42nd Street have mental health practitioners (MHPs) in schools and colleges across Trafford, Salford, Manchester and Tameside.

These practitioners either see 5 young people a day, or 4 young people with a drop-in session available. They also support the school/college with the whole school mental health approach, supporting the mental health lead with consultations, guidance and advice. This leaflet explains our offer more thoroughly.

If you are part of a private schools & colleges contract or funded through Thrive In Education (Salford and Manchester), or Mental Health In Education (Tameside and Trafford) programmes it is essential that you liaise with you mental health lead before you submit a referral for your 42nd Street MHP.

It is imperative that the mental health lead in each setting has oversight of all referrals made to 42nd Street for your school/college mental health practitioner.

For any queries around our contracted schools/college work please get in touch with Natalie Lunn

Things you need to know before making a referral 


Please check our current services to make sure they are what you’re looking for.


All referrals must have the consent of the young person. This is indicated by a check box on the referral form.

Essential Information

If you are making a referral on behalf of a young person, you must provide details of their GP.

Data Protection

Please do not email a referral as this does not comply with existing data protection guidelines.

Data Protection Policy - find out how we use and store your data securely.
Confidentiality Policy - find out how we keep your data and information confidential.

Online Support

You can also find out about our text-based Online Support here. Young people are ale to refer themselves to it here.




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