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About One-to-One Support

We offer a variety of one to one support options which you can explore in this section. You may find it helpful to understand about the different styles of working, but it may not feel necessary for you at this stage.

You can click below to find out about different types of one to support we offer, or scroll down to find out what all our one to one support has in common.

Some things to know about our one-to-one support:

All our services are free and confidential (we won’t pass on information about you to anyone unless you or someone else is at risk of serious harm).

You are welcome at 42nd St regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender, accessibility needs or asylum/refugee status.

We will treat you with respect and give you a say in the service you receive.

We will do whatever we can to ensure your support is accessible and right for you, including meeting somewhere you feel safe and comfortable (including talking online) and giving you a choice around the gender of your worker wherever possible.

You can access support with us in person(either at our base in Ancoats or at a variety of community venues, schools and colleges across Greater Manchester)as well as remotely(over the phone, through video and through text on our dedicated platform)

Lastly, it’s important to know there is a wait for support to start and once you’ve sent us your referral, it may be a few weeks until it gets reviewed by our team. For this reason, if you feel like you’re in crisis or need urgent help right now, please take a look at these services who can support you right away (we’d also recommend speaking with your GP in these instances)

Have a look at Thahera's video below to hear one young person's account of what therapeutic support can be like:

To access our one-to-one support, you’ll need to complete our online referral form (if you’re unable to do this due to any accessibility requirements please do get in touch and we will make alternative arrangements)

You can also check out our FAQ and wait time info below:




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