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About Groups

Getting involved in a group or project is a great way to meet people, try something new or hone your creative talents alongside a musician or artist.

All our groups are there to support confidence, skills and connection and last for one year (with the option to explore other year-long groups once completed)

Each groups will offer a space to:

  • connect with others in a supportive space.
  • set your own goals of what you’d like to achieve over the year – form small achievement s to big plans
  • have fun, go on trips, invite people into have discussions
  • hear about other opportunities within 42nd St and through other organisations

You'll also have the opportunity to access:

  • A joint project set by the groups so you can benefit from working with others on a set goal. This could be anything from an event, campaign, art piece, or being party of a larger event hosted in the city.
  • Taster sessions looking at self-care, creativity, youth voice, trips, discussions, being in nature

Groups sessions run each week in blocks of 6/8 weeks, with one week off in between each block.

We’d like people to attend each session if possible to ensure you are getting the most from the group.

As the group comes to a close, the final set of sessions will support endings, celebrations, networks and future plans, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to move on to further opportunities.

We realise joining a new group can be difficult sometimes. We're happy to meet you before attending and help you get familiar with our staff, building and young people. Do let us know if there's anything we can do to support you to access any of these opportunities.

We aim to ensure all our group spaces are inclusive and accessible and are always open to doing whatever we can to help you access these opportunities. We will do all we can to make you feel listened to, valued, included, safe and unique.