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What we do

Here at 42nd Street, we recognise how difficult it can be to take that first step and tell someone how you’re really feeling. With that said, our workers, counsellors and therapists are here to help you understand the things that are affecting you and develop positive coping strategies along the way.

All of our services are free, confidential and give you the opportunity to open up in a safe and understanding environment. Each one offers something slightly different depending on what it is that you want to work on. Feel free to browse through our services below and see which ones might work best for you.

We provide the following;

We also provide professional services:

  • Consultancy
  • Professional Training Programme

We are actively involved in research partnerships which our rooted in young people’s experiences and which seek to create a powerful evidence base to influence the way services are designed and delivered.

A conversation with Simone CE Chief Executive