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Young People

We are here to support you with your emotional well-being and mental health by offering a choice of effective, creative, young person-centred and rights-based approaches.

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The 42nd Street team recognises that many of you feel disempowered, that some services are difficult for you to identify with and access and that your mental health and personal difficulties can be made worse by the health, social, cultural and economic inequalities that you might experience.

We will do all we can to make you feel listened to, valued, included, safe and unique.

Is 42nd Street right for me?

It can be hard to talk with other people about things that are worrying you. But if the way that you are feeling is having a negative impact on your life the most important thing, is not to hide it or bottle it up but to talk to someone. That’s why 42nd Street is here.

Here are some things about 42nd Street that might help you decide if we are the right service for you:

  • All our services to young people are free
  • We offer a confidential service – we won’t pass on information about you to anyone else unless you or someone else is at risk of serious harm
  • We will try and give you a choice of seeing a male or female worker
  • We will try and meet you somewhere you feel safe and can get to
  • Whether you are black, white, gay , straight, disabled, non-disabled, male, non-binary, gender fluid or female you are welcome to come to 42nd Street
  • We will treat you with respect
  • We will give you a say in the service you receive

What support can I get?

We offer a range of one to one support as well as groups and creative projects. You can access our support face to face or online.

One to one support

If you'd like to know about one to one support there are videos on each of our services as well as more information about the different types of one to one support we off on our one to one pages.

In addition to seeing someone face to face and over video, you can also access our online webchat support. It's the same support you'd get face to face but you're just typing instead, from anywhere you feel most comfortable.

To find out more about our referral journey and to refer yourself to either face to face or online support, just click on refer myself in our menu.


We offer a range of groups where you can connect with others, campaign on issues important to you or explore your creative side.

You can find out about these on our groups pages and can also see all our upcoming activities on our what's on page where you can also let us know you're interested in joining one of our groups.

Help & Advice

If you're not ready to talk with someone just yet, we've put together a range of articles on wellbeing and mental health. They're put together by young people themselves and can be found on our Help & Advice pages, or by using the search bar up at the top of the site.

Looking for a diagnosis?

We can’t give you a diagnosis but we can help you with how you’re feeling (and potentially help get you to the right person who can give you a diagnosis if needed).

42nd Street was set up to provide mental health support to young people through a combination of talking therapy, social work and youth work. Because of this person-centred approach, many of our staff members are counsellors, social workers and youth workers from a diverse range of backgrounds. While they’re not medically trained professionals who can provide a formal diagnosis, what they can offer is a listening ear to young people, providing them with support that feels comfortable to them.

Our workers can help explain what some symptoms mean and support you in getting a diagnosis if that’s what you want, but this wouldn’t be done within 42nd Street itself. Depending on your situation, we would support you getting referred for an assessment e.g. via your GP and we would be able to support you through the process.

Remember, you don’t need a diagnosis or referral from your doctor to access support from 42nd Street.

Take a look at our services page if you’d like to know more about the types of support that we offer.

Want to get in touch?

If you'd like to ask about referrals, groups or just anything about what support we do please drop us an e-mail at theteam@42ndstreet.org.uk and we'll get back in touch as soon as we can.

Ten things you can to do on our site

This website has been created as support for young people's mental health and wellbeing. We have created a few features for you to try. You can

  1. Play around with the settings button (you can change the appearance of our site to your heart's content!)
  2. Refer yourself for face to face support.
  3. Register and use our webchat support platform.
  4. Speak to the 42nd Street chatbot - it will show you helpful articles and content.
  5. Find and join a group.
  6. Book events and activities for any group.
  7. Read tons of articles about mental health, wellbeing, sexuality and more.
  8. Watch videos about or services, events we've run in the past and tours of our building.
  9. You can listen to our LGBTQ+ pod cast.
  10. Buy stuff in the Shop.

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