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LGBTQ+ Collective

Do you identify as LGBTQ+? Are you questioning or exploring your sexuality or gender identity?

Do you want to join in with groups, opportunities and get information on all things LGBTQ+ in and around 42nd Street and Greater Manchester?

42nd Street’s LGBTQ+ Collective is HEREEEEEE!!!

A space to campaign and collaborate with your 42nd street LGBTQ+ community. Develop skills and explore together with collective work. A space to access opportunities, get involved and get information on all things LGBTQ+ in and around 42nd Street. Led by and for YOU!

Who is it for?

  • Aged 13-25
  • Identify as LGBTQ+ including questioning or exploring your sexuality and/or gender identity.

What is it?

  • A regular email check in (can be sent via text if preferred) with opportunities and ways to get involved.
  • Regular face to face opportunities at 42nd Street to take part in campaigns, drop-ins, pride planning, projects and to make decisions about the direction of the collective and the organisation!
  • This is YOUR collective - so ultimately… YOU decide!

How can you get involved?

Click here or the SIGN-UP button on this page, or for more information about the group you can e-mail 


A therapeutic group to build on confidence and self-esteem

This group is weekly peer support group for ALL young Black or Black heritage Women (inclusive of trans black women and non-binary young people) aged 13-17 to explore and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

A group gathering outdoors to explore the 5 pathways to nature connection.

There will be solo time out in nature, nature-based activities/crafts and some fireside sharing.

04 May 2023

The Music group is a chance to benefit from the therapeutic qualities of music

A peer support group with social, therapeutic and creative elements for young women aged 16-25. 


Queer culture meets wellbeing peer support in a weekly group for LGBTQ+ people aged 13-18. 

A peer support group for Care Leavers aged 16-25 with a focus on completing research into how mental health services could be improved.

A space for young people aged 13-25 to get together and explore different ways of expressing themselves, through movement. 

1 - 2



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