Rays - Young Black Women's Group news article

Rays - Young Black Women's Group

Describe the group in one sentence!

An environment for participants to feel free to share their thoughts and experiences with others who may relate to them.

Who is the group for?   

ALL young Black or Black heritage Women (inclusive of trans black women and non-binary young people), 18 -25 years

When does it take place?

Mondays each week, 17:30pm-19.00pm, in person at 42nd Street.

How many people are in the group?

Up to 16

What happens in the group?

Take part in activities that support your connection, voice, skills and confidence as well as peer support, shared opportunities and networks and friendship.

Be part of a sisterhood and having a circle of like-minded women around you that support you and have an opportunity to explore passions, hobbies and interests.

What do the staff, Tibyan and Carlene, say about the group?

Joy and representation are at the forefront of the group. We provide an open, inclusive peer support group facilitated by mental health practitioners who are experts by experience / Black Heritage practitioners at 42nd street. The sessions include creative activities, discussions, culture events, social action projects and tools to advocate for mental health. This is a young person led group with an opportunity to have your voice heard and most importantly to have fun.

What do group members say about the group?

‘Rays offers multiple opportunities to learn new things, meet new people and a way to learn about yourself culture and background’.

‘Because it’s a group only for young black women so it gives everyone a sense of belonging and inclusion and we can all share some experiences without judgment’.

‘It’s all young black women with similar issues that I can relate to’.

How can you join?

Use the 'Sign-Up' button on this page and complete the form there. You'll then be invited for a call with our group facilitators to say hello, followed by a Meet & Greet (usually in person) with other young people in the group. If you decide you'd like to be involved, they'll be a group agreement to take a look at at agree to.

What opportunities have there been beyond the group?

As well as links to other groups within 42nd and externally, we have launched an exhibition with work created by RAYS shown at the Horsfall. Rays have also produced an anti-racism video that is now part of an anti-racism training programme.


Spend time in nature, meet others and have space away from the day to day stresses.

04 May 2023

The Music group is a chance to benefit from the therapeutic qualities of music

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12 April 2024

A peer support group accessible whilst waiting for support

A peer support group with social, therapeutic and creative elements for young women aged 18-25. 

A space for LGBTQ+ young people to connect, share, have fun whilst improving mood and wellbeing

A peer support group for Care Leavers aged 16-25 with a focus on completing research into how mental health services could be improved.

A space for young people aged 13-25 to get together and explore different ways of expressing themselves, through movement.

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