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Creative Drop-in Space

For the rest of July, our usual Creative Drop-ins will not be on at The Horsfall, though you can join us for our creative space event at the Arndale between 12-5pm on Friday 28th July 28th and 2-5pm on Saturday 29th July.

We will be updating new ways to get involved with our creative work for August so still get in touch as below to find out what we will have on and we will update this space shortly too.


The drop-in is a space to explore creativity and connect. It’s a really relaxed and fun session and a chance to get to know the staff and other young people. Young people can bring their own things to work on, and we also have different materials and prompts out each week to try.

If you would like to come along to this friendly supportive session and explore your creativity, meet new people and find out what you can get involved with, please sign up by emailing or using the SIGN-UP button.

Age range and any other eligibility requirements: 13-25 and no other requirements!

Day, time and venue for the group: Tuesdays 4.30-6.30 and Thursdays 4.30-6.30, ground floor of our Horsfall building on Great Ancoats Street

Name of workers who facilitate the group: Georgina Fox, Rod Kippen


A therapeutic group to build on confidence and self-esteem

This group is weekly peer support group for ALL young Black or Black heritage Women (inclusive of trans black women and non-binary young people) aged 13-17 to explore and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

A group gathering outdoors to explore the 5 pathways to nature connection.

There will be solo time out in nature, nature-based activities/crafts and some fireside sharing.

04 May 2023

The Music group is a chance to benefit from the therapeutic qualities of music

Do you identify as LGBTQ+? Are you questioning or exploring your sexuality or gender identity?

Do you want to join in with groups, opportunities and get information on all things LGBTQ+ in and around 42nd Street and Greater Manchester?

A peer support group with social, therapeutic and creative elements for young women aged 16-25. 


Queer culture meets wellbeing peer support in a weekly group for LGBTQ+ people aged 13-18. 

A peer support group for Care Leavers aged 16-25 with a focus on completing research into how mental health services could be improved.

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