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We offer a range of groups to connect with others, campaign for what's important to you or express yourself creatively.

You can also find information on our upcoming training sessions on the tab below.

The Music group is a chance to benefit from the therapeutic qualities of music

Music Group news article

Spend time in nature, meet others and have space away from the day to day stresses.

Nature Connection news article

Jet 42 is a weekly peer support group for Black and mixed-Black-heritage young men aged 16-25 to explore and improve their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Jet42 news article

We believe arts and creativity offer loads of benefits and can help support wellbeing as a way to reflect, express yourself and share your unique talent.

Horsfall Creative Program news article

A peer support group for Care Leavers aged 16-25 with a focus on completing research into how mental health services could be improved.

Cloud 42 news article

A peer support group with social, therapeutic and creative elements for young women aged 16-25. 

Women's Group news article

An environment for participants to feel free to share their thoughts and experiences with others who may relate to them.

Rays - Young Black Women's Group news article

A group that advocates for youth voice, are passionate about making positive change, tackling issues and barriers that young people may face within their local communities, nationally or politically.

Change Ambassadors news article

18-24 This group is designed to help young people who have long standing difficulties with their feelings and relationships.

TC42 news article

A peer support group accessible whilst waiting for support

Waiting Room Group news article

A space for young people aged 13-25 to get together and explore different ways of expressing themselves, through movement.

Movement news article

A space for LGBTQ+ young people to connect, share, have fun whilst improving mood and wellbeing

Q42 & +42 news article

Join the Creative Collective, a supportive group for 18-25 year olds to explore art and creativity in all its forms.

Creative Collective news article

Do you identify as LGBTQ+? Are you questioning or exploring your sexuality or gender identity?

Do you want to join in with groups, opportunities and get information on all things LGBTQ+ in and around 42nd Street and Greater Manchester?

LGBTQ+ Collective news article

A creative drop in session to meet the team, try out different art materials and techniques and get to know more about The Horsfall and what’s on.

Creative Drop-in Space news article

A range of training workshops are available for a variety of needs

Training Opportunities - various news article



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