Sectioned Survivor Jack Nolan

Author: J. Nolan

My name is Jack Nolan aka ‘The Sectioned Survivor’. In these uncertain times of being on lockdown with the Corona Virus situation, everybody and anybody can be impacted with their mental health. I suffer with Bipolar and Anxiety and the situation we are all in has had a massive impact on me but here are the positives.

I’ve had the chance to spend more time with my family and become closer with them as a family unit, although it has been a little tough with everyone getting in the way of each other on occasions. But we have become stronger as a family unit and learning to adapt with each other in these times of stress.

It’s given me the opportunity to have more time to reflect on myself and think deeply about who I am and where I want to be in the future. This has been important in keeping myself positively focussed on my day to day activities like writing this for example.

Although it can be frustrating having dramatic changes to your normal life I have found it has made me more creative. Expressing myself through creative ways such as writing, poetry and brainstorming ideas for the present and future. For me it is really important to express my ideas and to let my creativity flow but everyone is different, you may benefit from getting creative artistically such as sketching and painting.

Another positive that has come out of the situation we are in, is that it has given me the opportunity to take a step back, metaphorically speaking and learn to appreciate being still. I am usually running around everywhere trying to be productive. Getting clarity and trying out new hobbies is a big factor in keeping my mind stimulated which is important.

Reading and listening to audio books/programmes, I find it very important to self-educate ourselves and learn new things. There is so much value in education, as it can help you develop new ideas and improve your mental outlook on life. I personally enjoy reading personal development books, business books and sometimes I write fictional books myself!

Keeping in touch with your friends and family is key to getting through this situation we are in together. I know it’s hard not being able to socialise normally, but take advantage of applications such as Skype, Zoom and old-fashioned phone calls. Communication is King, I believe, as at our core we are social beings and we do need to be able to talk and reach out which is massively important for our emotional wellbeing.

Exercise, now in normal circumstances I find going to the gym quite difficult. But with my new circumstances of having my family around we are all trying to play our part in keeping ourselves healthy. I have found it to be more helpful with my fitness fanatic brother in the house as I am more likely to get involved and get into a routine of lifting some weights. Keeping ourselves in shape can be a challenge but I have found that having moral support can help a lot, so if you are locked inside with your family try to get everyone involved if you can – it’s a team effort!

I hope you have enjoyed this little blog and have taken away some value, stay strong and keep well in these uncertain times.

Jack Nolan – The Sectioned Survivor




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