Statement in support of Trans young people in relations to hormone blockers

Author: Simone Spray CEO

On the 1st December 2020, the High Court decided to restrict young people’s access to hormone blockers; young people under the age of 16 cannot access hormone blockers (also known as puberty blockers) without court approval, and that those under 13 have been barred from accessing them.

42nd Street is dedicated to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of all young people. Different young people have different needs and, as a mental health charity that advocates for inclusive and accessible services, the rights of all young people are our absolute priority. The particular needs for supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of trans and non-binary young people have recently come under question.  42nd Street believes that trans and non-binary young people should be consulted, listened to and included in decisions that affect their particular needs and further decisions around access to hormone blockers in particular.  42nd Street affirm the need to recognise the potential for competency of young people under 16 years of age, whilst recognising the complexity and emotive nature of these issues.

At 42nd Street we believe that trans women are women. We believe that trans men are men. We believe that non-binary people are who they say they are. And we believe that the voices and experiences of trans and non-binary young people should be centred and empowered in conversations about their needs. As more decisions are made about hormone blockers, 42nd Street and the Q42 Project will continue to support trans and non-binary young people, their rights, and their long-term wellbeing.