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Who can make a referral?

You can refer yourself to us if you're a young person or we take referrals from parents, carers and professionals. Our face to face services are open to young people in Manchester, Salford, Trafford, Tameside & Glossop areas. Our online webchat support is open to all of Greater Manchester Learn more >>


You, or the young person you're referring, needs to consent to accessing 42nd Street. You'll need to confirm this when filling in our form. Our confidentiality policy explains what happens to the information you give us and what also happens if we're worried about something you tell us.

Make a referral

For one to one support that's face to face or over video, where you can explore any difficulties you're experiencing, you can fill in our referral form. Currently available in Manchester, Trafford, Salford and Tameside & Glossop.

Access Webchat Support

We have an online text-based service, offering the same support you can get face to face in a flexible way that you can access from any device, anywhere in Greater Manchester. Explore a different way of getting support here

Our Service Assessment

Someone will be in touch after you've completed our referral form to do an assessment to see how you're doing and find out the best way we're able to offer support. There's a wait list for most types of support, however there's also a number programmes available straight away.

Waiting times

Once we've processed your referral (for face to face, video or webchat sessions) there will be a wait until we're able to start your support. You can find out about this wait here


If you need to talk to someone OR need help right now please CLICK HERE >>

Please note that our main avenue of referral is through our web referral form; however we do still accept paper referrals where there is a relevant accessibility requirement. Please contact us if you wish to make a paper referral.




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