• Self-care is a necessity, not a luxury

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5 Ways to Wellbeing
LGBTQ+ Wellbeing
Our Online Manager Talks To Us About Connection
Don't ignore your Physical Health
COVID-19 and wellbeing & mental health
Go for the Ones that Stand Out
Take our self-care quiz!
Healthwatch in Greater Manchester: Pathway into CAMHS Survey
Things to do Instead of Scrolling
No News is Good News?
Creating Your Queer Space
Queer Loneliness
The Horsfall
About us
Olivia on facilitating the development of  ‘Hidden – Adam’s Story’ with Made By Mortal.
LGBTQ+ Resources
Publications and Reports
You Are Not Alone
Community Hive
Q42 & +42
Everyday Queer Protest
Queerphobia in Schools
You Are Not Powerless
Young People in the Orthodox Jewish Community
Horsfall Creative Program
Worried about money?
Supporting Young People in Further Education
About Us Typewriter
Supporting Care Experienced Young People
Hear Our Stories
Young Adults Peer Research
Our Movement Project
Women's Group
Supporting a Young Person
What we do
Bee Well Week 2023
Youth Mental Health & Participation in Arts, Culture and Entertainment
Hope from Harvey Milk
Thriving at Work
Training Workshops
I Need Help Now
Statement in support of Trans young people in relations to hormone blockers
Supporting LGBTQ+ Young People
Data Protection
Connection & Young People's Mental Health
'The Right To A Creative Life' Street Poster Designers
Meet Our Writers
Creativity in Care
Media Centre
Work With Us
What is bipolar disorder?
Pros and Cons of Getting a Mental Health Diagnosis
We Are All Artists - The Horsfall's Creative Space is going to the Arndale
Telling a teacher or boss about your mental health
Tips for Studying
Confidentiality  Policy
Cloud 42
Dealing with body changes during Covid-19
Confidence and Self-esteem
Periods and Mental Health
Experiencing Loneliness and Isolation
Queer Inclusive Resources
Stepping out of the echo chamber on social media
Moving in or out of a family household
Alcohol and drug use
Managing anger
Kieran Fest Quiz Night is back!
A Handbook of Children and Young People’s Participation: A Conversation for Transformational Change
Amplifying Youth Voices! - Children and Young People's Mental Health Awareness Week 2024
First Person Stories: Getting an STI diagnosis
Experiencing bullying
Feeling behind: Life after Covid
Guilt and productivity during Covid-19
Dealing with money
What are panic attacks?
Gender Jargon Buster
What is Postnatal Depression
What is Psychosis?
What is Social Anxiety?
Support for suicidal thoughts
What is Depression
What is Anxiety
Celebrating Rod
Returning to work after a year on furlough
Help with self-harm
The Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition’s ‘Manifesto for babies, children and young people’s mental health’
The Future Is Ours Festival and A Prescription for Life Symposium
Help with domestic violence
Introducing our Young Adult Community Mental Health Transformation Project
Saluting Our Sisters - Melanin Markets Pop-up at The Horsfall
Hidden Narratives - An exhibition by South Asian Artists
The Future Is Ours 2023 Projects
Sectioned Survivor Jack Nolan



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