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Interview with Chloe Macfarlane

Chloe Macfarlane is an artist based in Blackpool, UK.

Chloe has exhibited artwork in Manchester Contemporary 2020 and has been commissioned by 42nd Street and The Horsfall Gallery. Her artwork features in private collections.

We caught up with her to ask about her most recent work.

What are your favourite materials to work in?

I use acrylic paint, watercolours, soft pastels & oil pastels, collage and printmaking. I like playing with lots of materials and trying new things

Do you have an artist that inspires you?

I really like Picasso. I look at lots of different artists to get ideas of colours and styles and then make my own work.

What emotions do you feel when making art?

I like using bright colours because they make me feel happy.

How long did the post card designs take to make?

I worked for weeks adding layers until they were done.

What is your art about?

It’s about the process of adding layers, using different materials and making self-portraits.

Why do you like doing portraits?

I have always loved art. I remember doing art at school when I was younger, using lots of different materials. So now I like to add lots of materials and texture to faces and make them look different.

Are they of you?

Most of them are photos of me but I like to add layers on top to hide the photograph. I use paint on the photographs and I like to use lighter pastels on paper

What are your favourite colours, shapes and textures to use?

Bright colours, pinks, greens, and blues. I like metallic shiny textures and lots of layers of collage. I also like to use black outlines that make things stand out

How does art fit in with your life ? do you make everyday?

I work at different times, sometimes at night, sometimes in the day. I also do other things like photography, crafts and sewing.

You can find more of Chloe's work on her Outside In Gallery

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