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Tips for Studying

Studying might not be something that you look forward to very often but like many things in life, it has to be done. Perhaps you find it difficult to motivate yourself to study or revise in the first place. Even once you’ve started, you might find yourself hitting a wall or working to the point of exhaustion. If you’re struggling to be productive or lacking momentum, we’ve got some tips for you. Hopefully these will make your study sessions a little more fruitful - and maybe even slightly enjoyable!


Listen to lo-fi beats playlists

Like this one. Lo-fi music can improve focus and boost productivity, and it’s great if you don’t like working in silence. The lack of lyrics also means that you’re less likely to be distracted by vocals than if you were listening to normal songs.

Try the Drive & Listen app

which provides you with virtual driving tours through different cities around the world. You can choose to listen to the local radio for that area, street noise, or both. This is a great app for when you’re feeling the effects of being stuck inside all day - it’s surprisingly calming and makes a nice change from simple background music!

Have a virtual study session with friends

If you’re someone who’s more productive when working alongside other people, holding a study session over a tool like Zoom can be really helpful. You and your friends can hold each other accountable so that you’re more likely to continue studying, and lots of people find that working with others gives them more energy and motivation. If you’re going over similar things, you can also ask each other questions and have discussions about topics, which can help you to memorise things better.


Watch a ‘Study with Me’ video on YouTube.

If you’re motivated by watching other people work but you’re not a fan of studying with friends, this might be for you. Studying ‘next to’ someone can encourage you to finish your tasks within the timeframe of the video, as well remove any possible distractions that might happen when you’re with friends. You might also discover new revision techniques from different people! Just search for ‘study with me’ on YouTube and you’ll find thousands of videos.

Try the Pomodoro technique.

Whether you’re someone who’s easily distracted or find yourself working until you can’t focus anymore, this is a really effective timed technique for studying. It involves breaking up your study session into manageable chunks, or ‘pomodoros’:


  • Study for 25 minutes
  • Take a 5-minute break
  • Do this four times, then take a longer break of around 20-30 minutes
  • Repeat!


The Pomodoro technique makes it easier to get started on a task and allows you to break up (or spread out) your study topics across more digestible 25-minute periods. It keeps the mind fresh by incorporating breaks and increases focus within the ‘pomodoros’. Use a Pomodoro timer or app to make things easy for you, like Pomofocus or Tomato Timer.


Still feeling stressed?

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By Ruby Guyler

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